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Zola, Jess and the Perpetual Innocence of White Women


imageIf you’ve been online in the past few days, you’ve definitely seen some mention of Zola, Jess and Tampa. Long story short, Zola (a black woman) and Jess (a white woman) are two strippers who traveled to Tampa for work and ended up on an adventure straight out of a Hollywood movie complete with prostitution, pimping, assault and guns. While I was not awestruck by the story (told through a series of tweets) like most were, what did strike me was the almost immediate backlash against Zola by white women.

If you read the story, you know that Jess asked Zola to come with her to strip at clubs in Florida. Unbeknownst to Zola, the trip was actually one set up for Jess to prostitute. Zola ended up assisting her in upping the prices and making sure she was safe (as safe as one can be as a sex…

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Sandra Bullock, black women have been fearing for our sons for centuries!


article-0-18EAA27500000578-646_634x688I remember when the Blind Side first came out. Everyone was raving about what a great film it was. When I finally watched the film, I thought you did a wonderful job as Leigh Anne Touhy, but the film itself was just more of the same white savior propaganda. I realize it was “based” on a true story, but the fearless, loveable, rich white woman saving the poor black gentle giant from the streets made me cringe. The scene in which Touhy confronts the gangsters in the projects was so unrealistictly offensive that I laughed out loud shaking my head.

So when life imitated art a few months later and you adopted a beautiful black boy, I wondered if you saw yourself as his savior or his mother. Obviously, that question hasn’t been answered since I don’t know you intimately, but minimally, I’m glad your son has some of the…

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Mind, Body and Wine

brown girl.

Dear self,

Clear your mind.

Write it down. Be confident in your mistakes, knowledge and gained wisdom. Own your truth. Let peace and love allow you to exude positive energy and good vibes. Educate yourself and those around you. Practice positive self-talk and self-awareness. Control yourself and allow your thoughts to be healthy, original and authentic. Allow yourself to be free.

Treat your body well.

Live a healthy lifestyle and be kind to your temple. Explore the joys of feeling good and full of energy with purpose. Compliment yourself and motivate yourself to do better and be better. Set goals, work hard and relax.

Let it out, let it go, move on and have a glass of wine.

Give to yourself more than you give to others. Feed yourself with excitement, peacefulness and pleasurable experiences. Treat yourself and allow yourself the time to reflect. Remember, you deserve it.

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Tarot Tuesday: Ace of Emotion & Healer of Thought

Just what I needed to hear. 🙂

Ramblings of the Claury

Time to ‘spring clean’ your life, both emotionally and physically. As much as you can, cut ties to those people who are holding you back or making you feel worthless, even those that are unaware of what they’re doing to you. They might just be generally negative people who you’re trying to help, but sometimes you have to cut your losses – some people just don’t want to be helped – and get away before their negativity brings you down. It’s hard to do, but your own emotional well being might be at stake.

Physically too, it can be hard to clear out things that you no longer use, but as with anything, if you don’t make room for the new, it will never appear.

Make a fresh start  – a clear out will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on new things with a renewed vigour.

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Crusty Soap

I share your cringe. The ick of those soaps is too real. *shudders*

Down From The Door

This is a post to continue on Marta’s soap gallery. I actually had been planning on writing a post called “Soaps I have Used” (to pair with “Metros I have Used“) buuuut then I didn’t really keep up with taking pictures…Here are three in order of worst to best (relatively). Keep in mind these are all for public use…*shudder* It’s not uncommon to find them with hairs wrapped around them, or sitting in stagnant pools of soap water that couldn’t run off because the soap dish was so crusty it became completely clogged…then that crustiness gets black and moldy…HEURGH.

Actually the worst culprit is my elementary bathroom…I’ll add it tomorrow…

In a subway, perhaps? In a subway, perhaps?

My old middle school, Buron My old middle school, Buron

A little slick, but not bad! Pretty awesome by Korean standards. A little slick, but not bad! Pretty awesome by Korean standards.

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My Spiritual Re-Awakening

Thank you so much for sharing this! While my break from Abrahamic religion was different, I can really relate to your relationship with paganism. Once I finally managed to stop being scared of condemnation/failing God’s test by even questioning Christianity, I made my way into (Eclectic) Paganism and magick, until I started drifting away, seeming severed from it entirely once I took my first philosophy course in high school and learned to apply critical thinking more thoroughly to religion as well as my own biases.

Once I saw that the book which initiated my spiritual journey had an agenda and the rest were supported by questionably interpreted science and testimony, I made an unoffical break- as it seemed that it was little more than an adult fantasy and became amazed with the wonders of the rational world and just how much “mysticism/superstition” they explained, accepting science as my gospel (pun intended). However, it wouldn’t be until later years, (and several philosophy courses later) that I’d come to see that I’d come to see that:
1) Science is not as constant and objective as thought- given its failures and revolutions and …
2) given its dependence on inductive reasoning (which is only self-justified) which is itself based on faith, it’s not as mutually exclusive from faith/spirituality as commonly thought…its just more based in the natural world/empirical experiences.

The Queen of Cups

In 2012, my spiritual re-awakening began.

Prior to that, I had been an atheist, forcibly cut off from spiritual experience. A bad falling out with a religion that taught that it was The Only Truth had left me with a disdain for all religion.

After all, if the one that said that it was The Only Truth, that nothing else was even remotely valid, that only one spiritual truth could exist was wrong – why believe in anything? It actually seemed blasphemous to my Christian sensibilities to do so.

So I cut myself off. Not only from the Church which had lost its ability to provide comfort and reassurance when I began to doubt the truth of its teachings years ago; but also from the sky which still sang to me after I had sworn of Yahweh, from the Earth which still seemed to wrap me in its protective embrace…

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Magical Black Girl of the Week: Amandla Stenberg


My fellow Hunger Games lovers know her as Rue but her first popular appearance was on Colombiana as young Cataleya. This week’s Magical Black Girl of the week is Amandla Stenberg.

Amandla is known for showing up and showing out for her black sisters and brothers. She often speaks on current black issues and the tainted images of black people in the media. Earlier this year Amandla made a video addressing cultural appropriation called “Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows”. In the video Amandla talks about how black culture is ingrained in hip-hop culture which has become a part of popular culture. Due to being paralleled, Black culture has also been popular and used as a form of costume for many fashion shows and non-Black music artists.

In current “news”, Kylie Jenner has done something, again, that proves how much she wants to be African American. And again

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